Common Senses

 They make life sweeter and bitter all at the same timeIn a simple touch they transmit our feelings of loveTears  are  a substance of  Pain, a pain that  has no age when  we  cry   Sometimes a blend of both when emotions surpass our devotionsA gateway to our soul through the

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Calling You

Then, they told me about your eyes.How the sun shone in themIn daytime and nighttime...How they welled up as soon as you smiled.Then, they told me about your skin. How soft it wasAnd how lovingly it surrenderedTo the caress of the machete.How your flesh, tender and willing,Split open under the

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The Night Guard

The  sun  goes  down  and  the  clock ringsBirds  in their  flocks  are flying  to  their  nestA  new  day  begins  a  man  wakes  out of  his sleepA  flip of  time , a trip  of  time , a  day without  crimeHe  sighs  and  stretches  from a leap  of  sleepHe  lives  in  the 

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