Rwanda; Moving Forward

I visited a magical place last week. A place with majestic hills covered in lush trees and fragrant flowers.  Animals I have only seen in zoos were roaming by the dozens in protected habitats where their ancestors have lived for mellenia.  Zebras, giraffes and elephants sauntered by, some stopped and stared

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Je revais de l’Afrique

D’autant que je me souvienne, déjà toute petite je collais des images d’animaux sur mes cahiers d’école. Non pas des rennes ou des ours blancs, non, des animaux d’Afrique. J’étais fascinée par les masques bantous accrochés aux murs des amis de ma mère, alors que les autres enfants en avaient

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That little Voice…

It came as a surprise to many. Mostly the people that know me best , my family, my friends, my coworkers. How does a shy, self proclaimed tomboy decide to participate in a beauty pageant? For me it was simply the challenge that drew me in, the ability to take

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