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Common Senses


They make life sweeter and bitter all at the same time
In a simple touch they transmit our feelings of love
Tears  are  a substance of  Pain, a pain that  has no age when  we  cry   
Sometimes a blend of both when emotions surpass our devotions
A gateway to our soul through the melodies in our ears
How  else can we  reckon a  beautiful voice without them
I read your lips  to  hear your  voice from a  distance
Offence and defense a two way bouncing trail of reaction

Through the  eyes  beauty makes sense in a single stare
 In the eyes of the beholder, lies assertiveness and sympathy
Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can  see
Science is yet to explain how Yawning remains infectious
My tongue is my witness  my  constant testing  barometer
Not a bluff, the sweet aroma of coffee has glued me to the mug
Caffeine is my colony I stay awake I don’t  give my eyes  a  break
Imagine how the spices would make no sense in a feasting
The blend of  recipes and sophisticated cuisines would  be  an insult to my nose    
Ice scream testing less as if sugar was never invented
how  would  food make sense  without craving for a  sip  or  a bite  

Active or  passive  our senses  can  tell  our  moral fiber
Are  you  deaf ? a  common phrase  used  to  provoke or question  our  senses  
This  rogue driver  has  no  sense  of  decency  to  decipher the  man  with  a  loss
Excuse my actions I had a  bad  day  I  lost  my  sense  of  sight
It’s  of  the essence, no  need  to fight  embrace your senses  and be  polite
Swallow your secrets, altitude voice in public space has sensitive radars
Common sense or non sense  which language do we speak?

The  earpiece on  your  ear,  it’s  a  shame  you  have  no  fear  Mr. ignorant
Turning  your  head  once  before  crossing  the  road  is suicidal   
Assumption is the mother of  all mistakes get  your senses together
Actions  are  reactions don’t  be  quick  to judge  some people wear sunglasses at night
I  hope  this is not one of  the celebrity shades syndrome that is  common  without  senses
I  respect  the lenses  because  they  save  our  senses  to  the  visually challenged

I thought shades  were  designed  to  fit  under  the  sun  not  the  moon
Probably a night  vision without precision cool! dim is the new  cool
Walking can  be  fun  but  once texting  comes in prepare  your  fate  
Are  you  blind? Can’t  you  see  your drink  is  spilled on  my  beautiful dress
I  bet  some  of  us  walk  as  if  we  have  drivers  ahead of  us
Our  brothers with a  loss don’t  take  their  senses  for  granted  not  even  for  once
Some  of  us  have  eyes  but  we  don’t  see  unless  they  touch  so  they  see    
Come on!  this  is  a zebra crossing give me  a break  don’t just  ignore me

Show  some love  give someone  a hug  it makes sense
Give me five  if  you still got  them  all activated
Glory  be  to God  if  your  senses  still  make  sense  of  this  world
Someone tell Aristotle that common sense makes sense


Richmond does poetry as a hobby and he enjoys putting words together whenever times allows.

Richmond Runanira

Richmond Runanira


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