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Letter To My Future Husband – I See You

You must be wondering why I am writing you this letter.
Don’t worry, I am still waiting for you.
This letter is a reminder that I still see you.
Yes, I see you. I do see you
They say that who I date is a reflection of who I am.
You are a reflection of me
I am a reflection of you
Because you are so full of God’s glory that your flaws are covered by God’s beauty

Because the more I know Christ, the more you make sense.

Because the more I know Christ, the more you make sense.
That even when I have not met you, I have known of your presence
Knowing that your love for me will be immense, always at my defense, respecting my consent and forgiving my offense.

Full of the love of God, walking in confidence, leading in wisdom like Christ, powerful yet gentle like the Holy Spirit.
I have been waiting for you, though I saw many pretending to be you.
See, there are great men but not kings like you
I saw great men who caught my attention but only you captured my heart.
They said they wanted me as just as a wife but you…
You said you needed me as a queen next to you.
Needing to lead near you
With you, I won’t need to wish on a star
Because you won’t ever need to ask why
I will be your X and you will be my Y

Your strength. Your ability to carry me
My illusions and my mistakes
Covering my scars that are open, restoring my heart that was broken
You are a true reflection of Christ’s love for his church.
Patient yet kind and all done in love.
I have waited for you. Other men said if I slept with them I will know. But I said no.
Because all they could have gave me is pleasure but only you can give me satisfaction. A man can sleep with a woman but only a king can make love to his queen.
So I have waited for you, not because I had to but I chose to because I chose you.
When I stand with you in that white and gold dress in front of family, friends and people we have no idea who they are…
I will say I do.
I do choose you. To carry you when you are down
To force you to love my cheesy corny jokes
To convert you to Barcelona and PS4 if you are an Xbox fanatic.
Yes I know, I am already bossy.
I will say I do, to you.
Keeping my promise even after the ceremony. Because our lives will be a living testimony. Our first ministry…showing his glory.
There are times I will say ‘ego’ even say ‘pardon’ so I don’t fight with your ego.For both of us to find peace on our pillows.
I promise to be your friend till the end.
Love you like my husband, and date you like my boyfriend
Never holding in my offense
I know your flaws are part of you
So I won’t go to bed mad at you.
Because our fights are meant to be side by side not at each other.
Together, will we have so much to discover.
For in Christ are we covered.
So, I end this letter.
Know that each day I get better
My sins and weakness do I uncover
So together can we be healthy lovers, who are a reflection of God’s love and power.
I am single-not lonely. I am single not desperate.
I don’t need any attention because I see you.

Doctorate student, pastor, artist and author.




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