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The Journey of a “Single” Girl

I have always wanted to talk about this subject but for some reason words have always failed me, but today I am glad I can pen down some of my thoughts about this personal journey most of young people go through.

I am currently a single girl who happens to be surrounded by friends who are in relationships, engaged or married. So obviously I have to always be ready to be asked why I am still single and how.😂 I have to face time to time situations where my friends find it important to hook me up with their friends(😂😂 that is my favorite part). Some take it to another level and sit me down to warn me that if I keep being “This Sharon” I am never going to find a man.😆😆I am constantly being reminded that I may have a problem by seeing how hopeless my friends sometimes seem to get for me(hahah God bless their souls). Never in my life though have I ever thought that by 24 I would be dealing with such things.

Being single is not easy at all especially in our generation. It’s hard not because of the wait really, but because of the hard decisions you have to make every day, how careful you have to consistently be, and how confusing your feelings can get sometimes. It is hard because when you are single, you are left alone with yourself, and not many people enjoy chilling with themselves really, for spending much time with oneself makes one more aware of things they’d rather have buried for the rest of their lives. It is hard to stay single just because it is a tough class that exposes our fears, flaws and craziness. It is a confusing journey that needs all our attention and guidance from something bigger than ourselves-GOD.

One thing I am very grateful for is to have had both my two feet planted in the truth of God during this journey this time. Not only has He guided me, He has also fought battles I couldn’t have fought on my own. We all have our ways of going through our youth ; I personally have done it both ways with and without God, so trust me when I say that if God keeps fighting to have our attention it’s not that He has run out of worshippers, but He’s fighting for our souls. He’s fighting for our future- Things we don’t even know we need yet, for before He hands you His child’s hand, He has to first make sure you’re strong enough to hold it to the end.

Today, I am grateful for the time I’ve spent struggling with and fighting myself. I am grateful for the lessons learned and uncomfortable days I had to spend in front of my mirror learning to love EVERY PART of me before I learn to love another human being. I am grateful for the confusions that led to better knowledge, and mistakes and pain that gave me a closer look at who I really am, what I really want and what kind of person I see holding my heart forever. I am grateful for every tear that led me to His throne, and every breaking that taught me to stay on my knees always. I am grateful that He has been really patient with me as I crawled my way back to Him, that He never gave up on me when the future He was showing me scared me and made me go back to what felt more familiar. I am grateful for the dreams that died, and those He spoke to life as I laid in my grave.

As you can see it, the journey of being single isn’t smooth at all, and sometimes you’ll want to run after the only thing your eyes can see at the moment. But your story can be different if you want, and you can experience what it means to have God order your steps. You can trust that He knows very well your desires, matter of fact He is the one who gave them to you. You can trust that He has your best interest at heart, but you have to fully let Him write your story. You have to accept to be led wherever He wants you to go, allow Him to reveal to you who you are and why He even created you in the first place. I promise you, with every step, every mistake and every confusion…the picture will get clearer, things will start making sense, new dreams will come alive… If you let Him take the lead, He will do what He does best- HE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

Hey there, I am Sharon Amanda Muvara, I am a storyteller!


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